Akshay Saini
I am a web developer.   a YouTuber. a digital marketer. an SEO analyst. a proud Indian.

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About me.

Hi I am Akshay Saini, a 26 year old Web developer, YouTuber, and a Digital Marketer living in Hyderabad, India. I am a Computer Science Engineer, currently working with awesome folks at Uber.

Have a look at my YouTube Channel, skills or just connect with me on LinkedIn. I am always excited to do business with like minded people, lets discuss over coffee.

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My Youtube Videos

  • Namaste JavaScript Web Series

    In depth JavaScript video tutorials!

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  • How to become a Web Developer

    Covering my personal tips and tricks!

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  • My Journey

    How I fell in love with Javascript and ended up being a Web Developer!

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  • There are many more !

    Check out all the videos on my Youtube Channel

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Inspiring Quotes.

  • Steve Jobs

    " Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can
    change the world are the ones who do. "

    by Steve Jobs

  • Bill Gates

    " Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into
    thinking they can't lose. "

    by Bill Gates

  • Linus Torvalds

    " See, you not only have to be a good coder to create system
    like Linux, you have to be a sneaky bastard too. "

    by Linus Torvalds

  • Larry Page

    " If you're changing the world, you're working on important things.
    You're excited to get up in the morning. "

    by Larry Page

Coffee with me.

I am always excited to work on some awesome projects, message me and let's discuss over coffee.

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